Compassion by Design is committed 

to providing quality design and professional management in order to help our clients achieve the goals they set out for. 


to a sustainable and cruelty-free approach to conducting business, design, and project execution. 


to continuing education in order to evolve with the constant changes in the needs of the environment, community, and world. 


Meet The Team


Marbel A. Noguera 

Designer / Project Manager

Marbel was born and raised in Nicaragua and came to the United States at 11 years of age and has resided in San Francisco ever since. She has always been passionate about Interior Design. Which is why, when she enrolled at San Francisco State University, she already knew she wanted to pursuit her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. Marbel believes that Interior Design is much more than designing for aesthetic appearance. It must consider how spaces work, how they deliver a message, and how individuals respond to this when conducting their daily lives. It is her goal to enhance the lives of individuals by applying all of these concepts when designing a space. 

Headshot (Tom).jpg

Thomas  M. Schultheis

Owner / CEO

Originally from Maine, Thomas traveled across the country to pursue an opportunity with an Americorps program called, City Year, mentoring youth and engaging the community in outreach projects. After completing the program, Thomas enrolled at San Francisco State University where he got his BS in Interior Design. It was during that time, that Thomas began working with bay area architects, learning the profession and developing skills and knowledge in an all important design field. 


Now, Thomas is committed to realizing his dream of owning and operating a company that strives to provide sustainable and cruelty-free design and project management services.


Sofia M. Huibers

Designer / Marketing Manager

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Sofia grew up knowing she wanted to have a career that involved being creative. Her creativity and open-mindedness stems from her love of travel and experiencing different cultures.  

Sofia is currently an interior design student at San Francisco State University. She is looking to combine her love of design with her passion for making the world a little greener with Compassion by Design.